The beginning

Since 1979, United Aviation Services has been committed from the beginning to a friendly, direct, professional and discreet service, where we have always shared with our customers the passion for excellence, punctuality and safety, as hallmarks of our identity.

The most modern, safe and reliable business aviation handling company in Spain

They were hard beginnings, with few resources, but over the years, thanks to the efforts of our team and the constant reinvestment of our resources in equipment, safety and continuous quality training, we have become the most modern, safe and reliable executive aviation handling company in Spain.

Land in any FBO of our growing network in Spain and receive a warm and friendly greeting from United Aviation. Consistent and exceptional service. Expert handling, safe and ready on the ramp. Clean, comfortable and well furnished facilities. Professionals at your service who make an extra effort for your passengers and crew. A quality/price balance beyond comparison.

United Aviation

The professional network built by United Aviation throughout Spain allows us to offer a unique and identifiable coverage for all our customers.

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