We are committed to develop, implement, maintain and improve strategies and processes constantly to ensure our aviation activities take place in the context of a balanced organisation resources assignation, aimed to reach the highest level of operational safety efficiency and to satisfy national and international rules applicable to the provision of our services in all administration levels and all personnel are responsible of the achievement of this safety efficiency level, starting from the Accountable Manager, who has the highest responsibility, functionally and when the company is being held accountable. Our company, committed to its customers, sets as its primary objective to implement and maintain a management system based on sustainability, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, prevention of occupational hazards for all employees and information security. With all this, the aim is to achieve recognition of the service provided as a General Aviation Handling agent, to continue developing improvements in the working environment and their respective methods, attention to our customers, health at work, confidentiality of information and care of the environment.

Regarding Quality, Environmental and Security, our main objective is to develop an optimal work performance, through the awareness of all employees in having a clear way of working and oriented to achieve this objective. 

We are committed to:

    • Use all the necessary resources to guarantee the service we provide, in a safe and reliable manner and to comply with the specifications in terms of quality management (in order to obtain the ISO 9001:2015 certificate), the environment (ISO 14001:2015 and the requirements that apply), the safety management (health and safety at work – ISO 45001:2015), information security (LOPD 15/1999), prevention of occupational risks and any other standard applicable to our activity.
    • Make operational safety, quality, environment, and information security, prevention of occupational risks and continuous optimization fundamental pillars of our activity.
    • Develop and implement programs that help processes, services and customer service, always seeking their satisfaction and maintaining a quality-price ratio.
    • Establish norms oriented to the prevention and detection of problems, to evaluate the labor risks and to prevent them as well as the possible contamination resulting from our activity.
    • The protection, confidentiality and availability of the documents and data necessary in our activity must be secured.
    • Make staff aware of the environment and to improve our behavior towards it, by taking precautions and recycling.
    • Train our staff to have a high standard workforce for the performance of our tasks.
    • Committed to consultation and participation of workers.
    • Maintain a close relationship with our customers in order to improve the provision of our service and assess the degree of their satisfaction.
    • Continuous improvement and management excellence, establishing audit processes and periodic review of the integrated management system, as well as indicators that allow continuous monitoring of performance, promoting innovation, and increasing productivity with profitability, efficiency, and sustainability criteria.
    • Adopting actions for continuous improvement and pollution preventions, improvement of the environment, and safety and health management in the workplace, based on the real possibilities of the organization, allocating the necessary resources and planning to achieve the set objectives.
    • Complying with legal requirements and other applicable requirements, both those related to our services and those related to the environments.
    • Support operational safety management supplying all appropriate resources, resulting in an organisation culture that boosts safety practices, encourages the effective notification and safety communication and actively manages safety with the same attention to the results as to the remainder of our management results (punctuality, service quality, financial efficiency…)
    • Enforce safety management as the main responsibility of all administrators and employees;
  • Define clearly for all personnel, administrators and employees equally, the report and responsibility lines for the company’s safety achievement and the efficacy of our safety management system.
  • Establish and operate risk identification processes and risk management, including a risk notification system, to eliminate or mitigate safety risks to the lowest as reasonable level (ALARP);
  • Ensure that no measure against any employee that reveals a safety issue, through the risk notification system, is adopted, unless this disclosure indicates, beyond reasonable doubt, that a wrongful act, severe negligence, or deliberate or voluntary rules and procedures unfulfillment;
  • Obey and, when possible, exceed legal rules and regulations requirements;
  • Ensure that human resources with sufficient knowledge and training are available to put the safety strategies and processes into practice;
  • Ensure all staff members possess adequate and appropriate aviation safety information and training, that are safety competent and that tasks only according to their competence are assigned.
  • Establish and measure our safety efficacy regarding the safety efficacy indicators and safety efficacy realistic targets.
  • Continually improve our safety efficacy ensuring the relevant safety measures are adopted, and are efficient through our process management; and
  • Ensure third party systems and services used to support our operations meet our efficacy safety rules.

It is the responsibility of all our staff the obligatory knowledge and compliance with the above.

As an activity to control and ensure compliance with all of the above, controls will be carried out by the General Management, by supervising the processes involved and taking corrective and / or preventive actions, as applicable to the team.

Due to the nature of our activity, we are subject to possible audits by our customers. It is our duty to act actively in order to achieve a high degree of satisfaction in them through a transparent and effective service. 

Signed by: 

Julián Bravo Coloma – General Manager

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