United Aviation Bilbao Airport


+34 659 308 758


Abierto 06:00 LT – 24:00 LT / 365D

Station Manager: Julian Martín

  • Bilbao is a cosmopolitan city, open to Europe. Despite its industrial character, the lively pace of the city and the warm welcome of its inhabitants make it a place where students feel integrated from the beginning.
  • Nowadays, business, leisure and culture are seen as symbols of the new city. The estuary, once a commercial and industrial hub, now stands as a cultural artery. The construction of the Guggenheim Museum, the work of the prestigious architect Frank O. Gehry in the old port area, opposite the university, has served to revitalize the city, motivating a significant influx of tourists both nationally and internationally.
  • On the other hand, the beauty of the landscape and nature makes the Basque Country an ideal environment for excursions and trips both along the coast and inland. Throughout the year, there are cultural and artistic offers ranging from cave paintings and artistic monuments to art galleries, theatrical and musical performances, summer courses, etc.
  • It is essential to make a special mention of the gastronomy of the Basque Country, famous for its culinary school. The excellent food and autochthonous drinks such as Txakoli are in themselves a very special attraction.
  • Choosing United Aviation as your first welcome service will also be your first success when you arrive in Bilbao.



24 Hour Surveillance Newspapers
ATM Machine Passenger Lounge
Bottled Water Pet Friendly
Candy Printer
Complimentary Magazines Ramp Side Vehicle Access (Limo Only)
Computers Rental Cars by 3rd Party
Copier Restrooms
Crew Room Short Term Vehicle Parking
Customs and Immigration On Airport Showers
Espresso Snooze Room
Fire Supression System Tea
Golfing Nearby Vending Machines
Internet Access


Aircraft Cleaning International Trash Disposal
Aircraft Parking Jet A Line Service
ASU / Air Starter Unit K Loader / Commander
AVGAS/100LL Line Service Lavatory Service
Belt Loader Nitrogen
Catering 3rd Party Oxygen
Catering Refrigeration Potable Water Service
Dishwashing Sports Charter Handling
Fork Lift Taxi Service
GPU KVA VIP/Head of State Handling
GPU VDC Wheelchair Lift
Helicopter Handling Wheelchairs
Hotel Booking WiFi